Wednesday, November 18, 2020

ookla speed test apk Free Download For Android

ookla speed test apk Free Download For Android

ookla speed test apk is the best application for testing your internet speed and it has also the best VPN in the world named ookla speed test apk, you will find both services in just one application. You don't need to download any extra application all you need is a speed test. It has millions of users from all over the world. This application is trustworthy and provides accurate results. By using the speed test apk you can discover accurate results of your download speed, upload speed, and ping.

The speed test also contains a ookla speed test apk which is much better than other premium or free VPNs. You can use more than 2GB of data over the VPN for free every month. This VPN of ookla speed test apk apk will help you to stay private and secure browsing. You can purchase the premium version of the speed test VPN with unlimited usage for just $4.99 monthly.

As you know in the free version of any application users have to face irritating ads but in the premium version of the ookla speed test apk, you will never see an advertisement. The ookla speed test apk will grab the real-time and test your connection of the internet with accuracy. The speed test apk will provide a detailed report of the previous testings.

Many speed testing applications are available on the android market many of them are fake. It means that these applications just show fake reports they do not test your internet speed with accuracy and they are not able to show real-time reports. But the ookla speed test apk will test your internet's upload speed, download speed, and lag with accuracy and will show real-time detailed reports.

As you know many of the android applications and VPNs are not safe to download because they can access your phone's data without your concern or they can download additional files that contain viruses that will be a threat for your data security. But the ookla speed test apk is 100% safe and secure to download because it does not downloads and addition file and do not access the users' phone without his/her concern.

Features of ookla speed test apk

  • Provide detailed reports about your downloading speed, uploading speed, and lagging.
  • provides safe and secure browsing through speed test VPN.
  • Show connection consistency through the real-time graph
  • Only internet connection testing app with 100% accuracy
  • It can track past testings with reports
  • Chargeless money than other premium applications
  • Its has a free version as well
  • Userfriendly interface
  • Safe to download and use

How to download ookla speed test apk

The ookla speed test apk is a third party application so you need to make some changes in your phone settings, follow the steps below:
  1. Enable the unknown source installation
  2. Download the ookla speed test apk from the below download button
  3. Install it on your phone