Thursday, October 8, 2020

Apex legends free download for windows

Apex legends free download for windows

Apex legends free download for windows

 Apex legends is a free royal battle game that was developed by Respawn entertainment. It is a first-person shooting perspective game that has a multiplayer option. At a time 60 players can play in a squad of 3 persons per squad. Each squad has to compete with the other 19 squads. users can use it on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC through Origin.

In Apex legends BR shooter mode is totally free to play. For Apex coins players can make microtransactions. players have to pay for Apex packs like loot boxes, badges, banners, character skins, weapons, etc just like PUBG.

Apex legends is only for entertainment purpose it doesn't pay if you win the game. You will only get some cosmetic elements if you won the game.

In this game, there are so many powerful apex legend characters which are used to play and win the game for fame and fortune. Every player can choose his/her own character. There are a lot of characters some free and some of them are paid apex legend characters.

Features of Apex legends 

  • Realistic graphics
Unlike other battle games, Apex legends have realistic graphics. players can relate to the places showed in the game. In every update of Apex game developers really work well on graphics.
  • Low lag
In multiplayer online games there comes a big issue of game lagging. Players face this issue because of bugs present in the game, but in this game, there is no chance of lagging. The developers encounter bugs at a time so that the users can play the game without any lag.
  • Squad option
In this game, there is a multiplayer option. users can play the game in the squad. in each squad, there will be 3 players.
  • Safe and secure
Apex legends are safe to play and secure to install the game. it didn't download extra files without the permission of the user and it also didn't access data on a hard drive. 
  • Fair gameplay
Every player has equal power during the game and has an equal chance to win the game. 

Download Apex legends 

You can download Apex legends by click on the above download button. When it gets downloaded you have to install it on your system by following simple steps that are present in the file of the game.

Apex legends free download for windows