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kingo root pc free download for windows

kingo root pc free download for windows

kingo root pc may be freeware for PCs with Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. It allows users to root their Android phones or tablets, regardless of their current version. Rooting your device will allow you superuser access and obtain obviate bloatware.

 If you've got an Android tablet or smartphone, then you’ve noticed that there are many apps and programs that are automatically installed once you purchase the device. In most cases, you can’t uninstall these, albeit you don’t use them, and they’re just taking over space. These programs are called bloatware, and that they are often an annoyance to users.

The reason you can’t get obviate these apps is that you simply don’t have administrative privileges, as you'd on your computer. Unlike on your Mac or PC, the manufacturer of your smartphone or tablet is inherently the admin. If you would like to vary that, then you'd want to root your device.

Once you put in a free root access software like kingo root pc, your phone is yours to regulate. you'll pack up this bloatware and cash in of superuser access. While this tool is one of the simplest rooter programs available, it’s important that you simply take caution and do substantial research before you proceed with rooting your Android device.

Rooting your device will offer you newfound capabilities and almost unlimited access to the performance of your device. By removing bloatware and customizing your own useability, you’ll also extend the battery life of your device.


Rooting is that the process of allowing users of Android devices privileged control over subsystems, otherwise referred to as ‘root access.’ this is often performed with the goal of overcoming specific limitations put in situ by carriers and hardware manufacturers.

On Android devices, rooting allows you to change or replace existing system applications and settings that might otherwise require administrator-level permissions. you'll also perform other operations that typically are inaccessible to users.

If you root your device, you’ll even be ready to facilitate a comprehensive removal and replacement of the OS. you'd usually replace what's there with the foremost current release of OS.

Often people wonder if rooting is that the same thing as jailbreaking, however, these concepts are different. Users Jailbreak to bypass Apple prohibitions for the end-user. This includes modifying the operating systems, installing unapproved apps, and granting administration-level privileges.

Rooting, on the opposite hand, focuses on the third aspect of jailbreaking, considering most vendors like Sony, HTC, Google, and Asus already allow the power to unlock devices and replace the OS. Also, you'll sideload applications on Android without necessarily having a rooted device.

Features of kingo root pc


The advantage of using kingo root pc is that you’ll have complete control over the design and feel of your device. As a superuser, you’ll have access to system files and every one aspect of the OS. With a rooted device, the sole limitation that you’ll face is your own level of coding experience.

With kingo root pc you'll visually change the whole look of your device. Rooting allows support for themes, meaning you'll customize everything from the battery icon to the boot animation. You’ll even have full control over the kernel, which allows for overclocking and underclocking the CPU and GPU.

Using KingoRoot gives you full application control including the power to backup, batch edit, or restore applications. you'll also remove bloatware which will come preinstalled on many smartphones.

You’ll have the power to put in additional custom firmware or software that has an increased level of control for your rooted device

Risks and safety of rooted devices

Rooting your Android device comes with some inherent risks. you want to have the required technical skills, because carelessness may lead you to accidentally delete files or brick your device.

In some cases, rooting your phone could also be an opportunity for your EULA, which suggests that your manufacturer's warranty is going to be void. Other devices to support rooting, so it’s important that you simply do your research on user rights before using KingoRoot.

Some users have reported that kingo root pc has installed unwanted adware or malware. When you’re installing the software, do so carefully. Uncheck boxes that ask you to put in ‘recommended programs.’

kingo root pc failure

While KingRoot functions with the spread of Android devices, it doesn’t always work. Despite your best effort, this software can’t always offer you root access to your device. This doesn’t always mean that the software is broken. There are two common reasons why KingoRoot fails.

There are two reasons that KingoRoot fails. the primary and commonest issue is that you simply installed kingo root pc on an OS that doesn’t support the software. confirm your device is supported to make sure that rooting will work. The software’s universal script makes it compatible with most smartphones and tablets, but not all.

The second reason that it fails is that the bootloader on your Android device is locked. this suggests that kingo root pc won’t work albeit your version is supported. Unlocking your bootloader requires a PC and may cause serious damage to your device if you’re not careful. If you've got this problem, it’s better to avoid the method of rooting your phone or tablet.

Use responsibly

kingo root pc is flexible and easy-to-use and may work with a good sort of Android tablets and smartphones. Once you've got it installed, the method of rooting your phone is straightforward. you'll improve the performance of your device, and even extend its battery life. That said, the method of rooting your phone is often risky, so it’s important that you’re conscious of what you’re stepping into before you put in this software.

The latest version supports new devices also as new versions of Windows PCs. If you would like to think about alternatives, you'll want to see out Super Root for Android, or kingo root pc. take care of the commonly used One Click Root, as it’s not the safest option and requires more technical knowledge to use.

How to install your download?

Firstly download kingo root pc from below download button.

Find your file:

Check your downloads folder.

- With Windows use Control + J

- With Mac use Shift + Command + J

Once you've got located your download:

- Click in your Download file!

- Follow the installer instructions.

Download kingo root pc